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Department of Women's Studies

B.A. or B.S. in Women's Studies

In Fall of 1995, Old Dominion University became the first state-assisted school in Virginia to offer a major as well as a minor in women's studies. The B.A. or B.S. in women's studies requires 33 credit hours of women's studies and cross-listed course work-- perfect to stand on its own as an interesting and challenging course of study, or useful as a second major. This degree will help prepare you for graduate school or for occupational opportunities in law, criminal justice, teaching, public relations, journalism, counseling, government, social work, business and the education.

Our courses are stimulating and engaging, with rich class discussion and clear applicability to the world around you. We also cross-list courses on women from many different departments each semester. Even if you choose not to major or minor in women's studies, you can still find many individual women's studies courses that help you meet general education requirements (e.g., 390T: Women and Technology) and give you a rewarding educational experience in the process.

Women's Studies Courses

Double Your Major

A double major will give you a solid knowledge base in two fields rather than one, and increase the range of employment opportunities for which you will be an attractive candidate. You can do this with only a modest number of additional courses by counting up to three (or, more for English majors) courses toward both majors. For example, Women's Studies cross-lists a number of sociology courses, including the following:

• SOC 303: Introduction to Marriage and the Family
• SOC 320: Women and Crime
• SOC 340: Sociology of Women
• SOC 343: Sociology of Sexuality
• SOC 427: Violence Against Women

Any of these courses can be counted toward your Women's Studies degree and your Sociology degree. A major in women's studies is 33 credit hours. By double counting three courses from sociology, you would only need 24 additional hours in women's studies to complete the double major.

Women's Studies Minor

A minor in women's studies will increase students' career opportunities in law, criminal justice, teaching, public relations, journalism, counseling, government, social work, education and many other fields, and/or it will prepare students for new and exciting research opportunities in graduate school. Students may pursue a minor in women's studies as a complement to any major, thereby fulfilling upper division general education requirements.

Students who have completed WMST 201S may earn a minor in Women’s Studies by completing 12 credits at the 300-400 level. Students must maintain a 2.0 GPA. The credits should be distributed as follows: 

Required Courses (9 credits):

  • WMST 301: Feminist Foundations OR WMST 302W: Dimensions of Diversity
  • At least two of the following 3 credit courses:
    • WMST 390T: Women & Technology Worldwide (WMST 390T also fulfills the General Education Technology requirement.)
    • WMST 401W: Women: A Global Perspective
    • WMST 460W: Feminist Theory

One additional WMST course OR a Course from another discipline that is cross-listed with WMST (3 credits)

The Accelerated Master of Arts in Humanities with a Concentration in Women's Studies

The accelerated MA Program in Humanities allows exceptional majors in women's studies to count up to 12 hours of graduate courses toward both an undergraduate and graduate degree. This degree program makes it possible for students with a demonstrated record of academic excellence to earn both a B.A. or B.S. in Women's Studies and a M.A. in Humanities in five years.

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