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Graduate Work in Women's Studies

The Women's Studies Department at Old Dominion University, established in 1977, was the first such program in Virginia, and in 1995 became the first among state-assisted schools in the Commonwealth to offer a baccalaureate in women's studies. Now a department, Women's Studies has been notable for its faculty and curriculum development and for multicultural and global emphases.

Graduate Certificate in Women's Studies

Women’s Studies is a multi- and interdisciplinary field of study encompassing all aspects, historical and contemporary, of women’s natures, lives, and perspectives. A Graduate Certificate in Women’s Studies can expand a student's future career opportunities within a variety of fields; it can also prepare students for exciting and innovative research in master's or doctoral programs.

For those who want to pursue only the Graduate Certificate in Women's Studies, they must hold either a B.A. or B.S. degree with an overall GPA of 2.80 OR a graduate degree.

Those admitted to a graduate program have the option of earning a Graduate Certificate in Women's Studies in conjunction with a graduate degree from another department or college. Students must satisfy all admission requirements for their chosen graduate program before completing the courses required for the Graduate Certificate in Women's Studies. Please consult the chair of the Women's Studies Department and the relevant sections of the Catalog for additional information.

Students planning to teach Women's Studies courses at the post-secondary level in Virginia must complete an additional three credits, for a total of 18 credit hours, in order to meet accreditation requirements.

The chair of Women’s Studies or a designate will serve as advisor for students pursuing the Certificate. Students pursuing the Certificate in combination with another graduate degree will have their progress monitored by both a Women’s Studies advisor as well as an advisor from their graduate program.

The Certificate will be awarded upon completion of the following program of courses.

Required courses (6 credits):

• WMST 560
• WMST 570

Students must complete at least nine additional credits in 500- or 600-level courses approved for the Women's Studies curriculum and drawn from various disciplines (e.g., Art History, English, History, Humanities, International Studies, Philosophy, Political Science & Geography, Sociology & Criminal Justice, Women's Studies, etc.). At least one of these courses must be 600-level courses. With the exception of Women's Studies courses, students may not take more than six credits in any single field. Students must maintain a 3.00 GPA in the 15 credit hours required for the Certificate.

Humanities M.A. with an emphasis in Women's Studies

An M.A. with an emphasis in Women's Studies is available through the Institute of Humanities, which offers an innovative interdisciplinary graduate program. For additional information about the Institute of Humanities and its Master of Arts in Humanities, please contact Dr Jeffery P. Jones, Director of the Institute.