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Thesis Information

Writing a thesis is the student's chance to demonstrate that s/he is able to complete a research project.  Completion and defense of the thesis is the last step in the Masters Program.  Below is information that students need to complete the thesis. All files are in PDF format.

Past Applied Sociology Thesis Topics

Thesis Preparation Handbook:

Manuscript Preparation Guide

College of Arts & Letters Thesis Deadlines are posted at:


Forms You Will Need:

All forms are linked below and may also be obtained at: http://www.odu.edu/ao/gradstudies/forms/index.shtml. You may need to provide your Midas ID and password to access the forms. Your Midas ID is the same one you use when you log into Blackboard.

Form M1: Appointment of Master's Thesis Committee  Submit this form to the GPD once our thesis committee is fully formed. This form requires the signature of the thesis committee chair.

Form M2: Result of Master's Degree Examination or Requirement This form is completed by your thesis committee chair following your thesis proposal defense and your final thesis defense.

Form: M3: Master's Thesis Acceptance and Processing. This form is signed by your entire thesis committee, the GPD, and the College Dean. This form accompanies your thesis to the Registrar's Office when you submit it there for binding. The College Dean does not sign off on the form until the style editors have approved your document.

Form M4: Master's Thesis Delivery Form . This form accompanies your thesis to the Registrar's Office.

Form M5: Exception to Time Limits Allowed to Complete Master's Degree You don't want to have to use this form. The University requires that Masters students complete all requirements for the degree within 6 years of the date of the first courses taken toward the degree. Please keep this time limit in mind.

Human Subjects Review forms are available at: http://al.odu.edu/al/about/res_faculty.shtml

If your research involves human subjects it must be approved in advance of any data collection. See the Application for Review of Potentially Exempted Research Involving Human Subjects at the bottom of the web page listed.If your thesis required human subjects approval, you must include a statement of approval in your Methodology Chapter (e.g., "This research was approved by the College of Arts and Letters Human Subjects Review Committee as exempt from full review in month year.").