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Q: How long does it take to earn a Masters degree in Sociology?

A:  It usually takes two years if the student goes full time.  Students who complete nine credits every fall and spring session fulfill the full time requirements for the graduate program.  Part time students usually complete their degree in three to four years.


Q: What kinds of jobs can I expect to get after I earn my degree?

A:  Earning a Masters in Applied Sociology allows for many possibilities in the professional realm.  This degree not only gives individuals the education to achieve but also the desire to change world.  Many sociologists chose occupations in the social research field such as working with governmental agencies such as the FBI and the Census Bureau, ABC, and the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, and firearms.   A graduate can also work with domestic violence and homeless shelters.  There is also the opportunity to stay in the University setting by teaching at a community college or earning a Ph.D.  


Q: How diverse is Old Dominion University?

A: Students from all 50 states and more than 80 nations call Old Dominion University home during any given academic year. The University is proud of the fact that it boasts one of the most diverse student bodies to be found anywhere. Some 1,400 international students attend Old Dominion and about 33 percent of every freshman class includes African-American, Filipino, Asian and Hispanic students. About 6,000 students live within walking distance of the campus, while another 4,000 are distance learners who rarely ever set foot on the campus. A significant percentage of students are in some way connected to the military.
Since Old Dominion has such vast diversity among the students it allows sociology students to see first hand how different cultures connect and interact.  This diversity fosters a certain atmosphere for sociologists that less diverse campuses would not be able to provide.


Q: If I have any questions about the ODU maters program whom should I talk to?

A: You can email the Graduate Program Director or call 757-683-3795 and ask for the Graduate program Director.