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Department of Political Science and Geography

Political Science and Geography award winning professors for 2013. From the left: Jesse Richmond, David Earnest, Steve Yetiv and Glen Sussman. Not shown: Regina Karp, Jonathan Leib and Simon Serfaty.

Political Science and Geography Faculty Awards 2012-13

Tom Chapman, 2013, SouthEastern Association of American Geographers teaching award
David Earnest, 2013, Robert L. Stern Award for Excellence in Teaching
Glen Sussman, 2013, Charles O. and Elizabeth C. Burgess Award for Faculty Research and Creativity
Jonathan Leib, 2012, Southeastern Association of American Geographers Research Honors Award
Regina Karp, 2013-2014, Faculty Fellow of the Social Science Research Center
Jesse Richman, 2013, Provost’s Award for Outstanding Undergraduate Research Mentor
Simon Serfaty, Visiting Scholar of the French Institute of International Relations, Board Member of the Robert Schuman Foundation, and German Marshall Fund Senior Fellow   
Steve Yetiv, Louis I. Jaffe Professor in the College of Arts and Letters
Steve Yetiv, Virginia Outstanding Faculty Award of 2012  

Faculty research and publications from ODU Political Science and Geography  

Book:  Steve A. Yetiv, National Security through a Cockeyed Lens: How Cognitive Bias Impacts U.S. Foreign Policy, Johns Hopkins University Press, 2013. Also on YouTube.
Article: Aaron Karp, "Data Sources and Estimation of Military-Owned Small Arms", Small Arms Survey, September 2013.
Article: Aaron Karp, "Legacies of War in the Company of Peace: Firearms in Nepal", also available in Nepali, Small Arms Survey, April 2013.

Book: Glen Sussman and Byron W. Daynes, US Politics & Climate Change: Science Confronts Policy. More on the publisher’s website, Lynne Rienner Publishers, 2013.

Article: Simon Serfaty,"Seconde chance pour Barack Obama," Revue Defense Nationale, no. 756 (January 2013). Also in Elections americaines: Un bilan, Julian Fernandez ed. (Paris: Editions Pedrone, 2013).

Article: Simon Serfaty, "The West in a World Recast," Survival, Vol. 54, No. 6 (December 2012-January 2013).

Book: Donald J. Zeigler, S. D. Brunn and Maureen Hays-Mitchell, eds. Cities of the World, 5th ed., Rowman & Littlefield, 2012.
: Donald J. Zeigler, "Deficiency Diseases" and "Protein and Protein Deficiency", in Food and Famine in the 21st Century, ed. W. A. Dando, ABC-CLIO, 2012.

Article: Jonathan Leib, "A Tale of Two Civil War Statues: Teaching the  Geographies of Memory and Heritage in Norfolk, Virginia", Southeastern Geographer, Vol. 52 (Winter 2012).

Article: David C. Earnest, Steve Yetiv and Stephen M. Carmel, "Contagion in the Transpacific Shipping Network: International Networks and Vulnerability Interdependence", International Interactions, Vol. 38, No. 5 (November 2012).

Article: Jonathan Leib and Gerald Webster, "Black, White or Green?: The Confederate Battle Emblem and the 2001 Mississippi Flag Referendum", Southeastern Geographer, Vol. 52 (Fall 2012).

Book: Simon Serfaty, A World Recast: An American Moment in a Post-Western Order, Rowman, October 2012.

Article: Benjamin D. Neimark, "The political economy of bioprospecting in Madagascar," Geoforum, Vol. 43, No. 5 (September 2012).

Article: Steve A. Yetiv, "Is the energy boom a mirage?" New York Times, 4 September 2012.

Article: Simon Serfaty,"The Folly of Forgetting the West," Policy Review, No. 174 (Aug-Sept 2012).

Article: Regina Karp, "Nuclear Disarmament: Should America Lead?" Political Science Quarterly, v. 127, n (Spring 2012).

Article: Aaron Karp," Stemming the Spread of Missiles: Hits, Misses and Hard Cases", Arms Control Today, v. 42, n. 3 (April 2012).

Article: Benjamin D. Neimark, "Overcoming barriers of rosy periwinkle production in southern Madagascar," Journal of Peasant Studies, Vol. 39, No. 2 (April 2012).
: Benjamin D. Neimark, "That ‘Eureka’ moment: The importance of detailed field-research in Africa," African Geographical Review, Vol. 31, 1 (April 2012).

Article: Simon Serfaty, "The New Middle East Will Test Europe," Current History, March 2012 

Article: Hua Liu and Qihao Weng, "Enhancing temporal resolution of satellite imagery for public health studies: A case study of West Nile Virus outbreak in Los Angeles in 2007," Remote Sensing of Environment, v. 117 (February 2012).

More faculty research and publications


Headlines from ODU Political Science and Geography 

Political Science and Geography Awards: Virginia Outstanding Faculty Award of 2012 to Steve Yetiv, ODU Faculty Awards 2011

Steve Yetiv, "Undue Worry About Oil and Iran," Washington Post, 30 March 2012
Steve Yetiv, "Six Reasons to Keep America as No. 1 Superpower," The Christian Science Monitor, 13 March 2012
Steve Yetiv, "Eight Reasons America Is Not in Decline?, The Christian Science Monitor, 6 March 2012
Glen Sussman: "Pay attention, Virginia: Climate change affects you", Virginia-Pilot, 24 April 2011.
Steve Yetiv: "Looking Beyond Gadhafi", Christian Science Monitor and Virginian-Pilot, 28 March 2011. 
Faculty-student research: "Va. students tasked with crafting 'fair' voting districts," Virginian-Pilot, 13 March 2011. 
ODU Model UN: "ODU Model UN Conference - A Photo Essay," Inside ODU, 7 March 2011. 
ODU Model UN: "Old Dominion Hosts Model UN High School Conference Feb. 17-19," Inside ODU, 17 February 2011. 
Tom Chapman: "The biggest winner? Suffolk by a long shot", Inside Business, 11 February 2011.

Alumni and Student News

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