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College of Arts and Letters

Department of Philosophy and Religious Studies

Accelerated Master of Arts in Humanities-Philosophy

By allowing exceptional philosophy majors to count up to 12 hours of graduate courses toward both an undergraduate and graduate degree, this degree program makes it possible for students with a demonstrated record of academic excellence to earn both a B.A. in philosophy and an M.A. in humanities with a concentration in philosophy in five years.

All humanities students are required to take:
HUM 601: The Subject of the Humanities: Introduction to Research, Methodology, and Theory
HUM 602: The Humanities on Trial: Postmodernity, Technology, Globalization
HUM 694: Interdisciplinarity and the Humanities
HUM 694, the capstone seminar for accelerated humanities M.A. students, will be taken in the final semester of study before the completion of the M.A. degree. Students will be required to complete a substantive research project which is scholarly in nature, reflecting the student's training in the discipline and the humanities.

Philosophy students must take at least two 600-level courses offered by the Department of Philosophy and Religious Studies. Graduate courses taken through departments other than Humanities and Philosophy and Religious Studies will count toward the M.A. only if they are approved in advance by the chair of Philosophy and Religious Studies or its director of graduate studies.

No more than 12 hours of graduate credit at the 500-level may be applied to the M.A. in humanities.
Students will not be permitted to take any 500-level course that they have already taken at the undergraduate 400 level.