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Post Colonial Research Group

Post-Colonial Research Group

The Postcolonial Research Group at ODU draws upon the historical and theoretical paradigm shifts brought about by Postcolonial Studies to continue to theorize the constructions of intellectual and scholarly work in the disciplines that broadly constitute the study of the Humanities. The group will investigate and present interdisciplinary research about cultural studies, about postcolonial literature and theory, and about diasporic cultural production and globalization. It will apply these approaches to textual studies, to research methodologies, and to evolving curriculum and disciplinary definitions. While the members of the group can draw from many academic disciplines and fields, they will not be confined in their disciplinary investigations, and may instead focus on disciplinary delimitations in their own work and the work of their colleagues.

Work-in-Progress Presentations:

Dr. David Metzger, Department of English, ODU: He is currently working on a piece concerning Heinrich Graetz's construction of the Jewish "intelligence" as a symptom of living in the diaspora.
March 30, noon, BAL 9002

Dr. Ananda Abeysekara, Department of Religion, Virginia Tech: The title of Dr. Ananda Abeysekara's paper will be "At the Limits of Secular(izing) History and Critique in Postcoloniality." Paper available upon request.

Our email address is pocoresgrp@odu.edu
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