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ODU Model United Nations Conference (ODUMUNC)


Non-Governmental Organization Forum (NGO)


  1. Strengthening Coordination of Efforts to Combat Human Trafficking
  2. Furthering Women’s Rights in Developing Countries
  3. Suppression of Transnational Crime and the Trade in Illegal Drugs
  4. Sharing Science and Green Technology for Sustainable Development

Your Chairman: Robby Townsend


What it is: The NGO forum is the UN’s idea factory. Some of the most influential actors in international politics are not governments or corporations, but the dedicated experts of Non-Governmental Organizations (NGOs). Only states are official members of the United Nations, but NGOs are essential for every region and every issue, supporting national policy, working to change it, and providing vital support to UN operations.
Whether they administer the refugee camps or distribute medical assistance, remove landmines or mediate between rival ethnic warriors, NGOs know how to get things done. More countries—but not all—follow NGO recommendations and finance their operations. Especially in Africa, Europe and Latin America, governments acknowledge their experience and expertise.
The NGO Forum is the unofficial body where representatives from non-governmental groups debate and make recommendations to the states and the UN through resolutions and working papers.
How it works: As a vital source of ideas and pressure for change, NGOs work closely with like-minded country delegations, often advising them in their committees. Committees can adjourn to allow NGOs to address the committee. At ODUMUNC, the NGO forum recesses to join the ECOSOC in an advisory capacity at its official sessions, at the invitation of a majority of states present and voting.

1. ActionAid International
2. Amnesty International
3. CARE International
4. Catholic Relief Services
5. Center for Human Rights and Humanitarian Law
6. Coalition Against Trafficking in Women
7. Doctors Without Borders
8. Friends of the Earth
9. Geneva Call
10. Health Right International
11. Human Rights Watch
12. Institute for International Economic Cooperation and Development
13. International Committee of the Red Cross 
14. Islamic Relief 
15. Mentor Foundation (Drug Prevention)
16. Minority Rights Group International
17. Not for Sale
18. One Campaign

19. Oxfam International
20. Physicians for Peace
21. Save the Children
22. Society for International Development
23. Transparency International
24. United Way International
25. Women's Environment and Development Organization
26. Women Trafficking and Child Labor Eradication Foundation
27. Women for Women's Human Rights
28. World Assembly of Youth (WAY)
29. World Federation Against Drugs
30. World Vision
31. The Sierra Club
32. International Centre for Antidrugs and Human Rights
33. Alliance for Arab Women
34. ASTRA Anti-Trafficking Action
35. International Women's Rights Action Watch
36. Greenpeace
37. Heritage Foundation
38. Earthjustice
39. EarthFirst!
40. World Wildlife Fund
41. Community Anti-Drug Coalitions of America