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Legal Committee debates and shapes the basic rules guiding the international system. It sets rules, determining what countries are allowed to do and what is forbidden in the UN system. Its decisions determine how problems get solved, or whether they can be solved at all. The Legal Committee is where the foundation for international law has been laid, and is one of the most important bodies for creating order in an otherwise anarchic international system.

In the past, the Legal Committee discussed such issues as The Geneva Conventions and protection of victims of armed conflict and measures to enhance the security of diplomatic missions.  For this session, delegates will address the prospects for the administration of justice in United Nations operations, an essential and perhaps a frequently overlooked and under discussed part of the UN system.  Also on the agenda are the rules of law: state sovereignty vs. international obligations, and the legal ramifications of establishing United Nations enforcement organs. How are UN representatives held accountable, more especially to whom on what legal platform? Are the solutions new negotiations and treaties, new organs, mechanisms or modifications of current ones, or modifying old agreements?