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Upcoming Events & Workshops


ODU Center for Learning and Teaching, Summer Institute, May 20-21, 2014

FLAVA Conference 2014 - Williamsburg, VA - September 25-27, 2014

ODU Center for Learning and Teaching, TeachFAIR - October 2014

GLOBALEDCON, Global Education Conference - Free week-long online event, November 17-21, 2014  

ACTFL Annual Convention and World Language Expo - San Antonio, Texas, November 21-23, 2014

NECTFL - (Unavailable)

CALICO Conference - TBA               

IALLT Conference - Harvard University, Boston, Massachusetts, August 2015

Recorded Webinars

1. French language Instruction webinar: "Striking a Balance during Grammar Instruction:  Moving from Practice to Communication," hosted by Dr. Theresa Antes and Dr. V�ronique Anover.

Description: Despite claiming to be communicative in nature, beginning and intermediate language classrooms often include an extensive grammar component.  So how can we strike a balance between drill, where the focus may appear to be entirely on grammar and communication is ostensibly forgotten, and communicative language practice, where learners may forget to incorporate the very grammar structures that were taught just moments before?  Are we talking about separate and discrete skills, or a continuum on the second language learning curve?

In this Webinar presented by Drs. Theresa A. Antes (University of Florida) and V�ronique Anover (California State University - San Marcos), we'll explore ways to move seamlessly from skill-getting to skill-using activities, with a central focus on expressing meaning accurately.

2. French language instruction webinars: "Discover and Connect: Input and Media in the Interactive Classroom," hosted by Dr. Stacey Weber-F�ve.

Description: In this webinar series installment, we will explore together the importance of input in the classroom (i.e., its role and place). In particular, we will discuss helpful strategies on how to provide good input and how to guide students to discover this good input so that they can begin to connect language and meaning. We will also draw on the use of media (film, television, video, Internet, etc.) as sources of authentic input and review together many media-based or media-inspired input activity examples.

3.French language Instruction webinar: "Proficiency-Based Course Design and Lesson Planning," hosted by Chantal Thompson.

Description: In all language programs, there is a big gap between what students know about the language and what they can actually DO with it. We can reduce this gap by designing syllabi and lesson plans that integrate functions, content, accuracy and text type.  This webinar will demonstrate how to do just that in two contexts:  first-year French courses where the goal is to get students to Intermediate Low to Mid, and the problematic 4th semester Intermediate French course, where the goal is to bring students closer to Advanced-level proficiency.