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SCOLA is a nonprofit educational organization that receives and re-transmits television programming from around the world in native languages. These programs are available via the Internet or Videostream Service to all ODU students and faculty:

(1) General ODU Access and (2) Foreign Language Faculty/Students Access 

SCOLA provides authentic programming from more than 100 countries and 100 languages, including:

 Channel 1        

 European Broadcasts
 Channel 2  Spanish and Portuguese Broadcasts
 Channel 3  Mandarin Chinese (Confucius Institute) Broadcasts
 Channel 4  Asian Broadcasts
 Channel 5  African Broadcasts
 Channel 6 Middle Eastern Broadcasts
 Channel 7  Far East Broadcasts
 Channel 8  Eurasian Broadcasts

SCOLA Insta-Class lessons provide transcriptions, translations, quizzes and vocabulary with accompanying video and audio clip playback for learners in 26 languages. SCOLA enhances language training through the use of current events and is suitable for use by an individual or a class to extend vocabulary, grammar, reading and comprehension skills.

For more information on SCOLA language learning content, Insta-Class lessons and ODU access, please contact Betty Rose Facer at 683-4455 or bfacer@odu.edu