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Interdisciplinary Minor in World Cultures: Values and Visions

Dr. Luis Guadaño, Coordinator and Advisor

This interdisciplinary minor develops an understanding of human behavior in different cultures. In order to interpret information from other countries and ethnic groups, students need to learn that certain common notions such as perceptions of personhood, the organization of time and space, and the appropriate organization and behavior of social groups vary from country to country. This minor will explore different cultural perspectives and value systems. Students should emerge with a more sophisticated understanding of their own and others’ cultures.

Interdisciplinary minors require 12 credit hours of 300/400-level courses selected from at least three different disciplines. For completion of a minor, students must have a minimum overall cumulative grade point average in all courses required for the minor exclusive of lower-level courses and prerequisite courses.

Course options are as follows:

ANTR304 Digging Up the Past
ANTR305 North American Archaeology
ANTR320 The Sexes in Cross-Cultural Perspective

COMM 400W Intercultural Communication
COMM 444/GER 445/FLET 445 German Cinema

ENGL 371W Communication Across Cultures

FLET 307 Understanding European Film
FLET/JAPN 310 The Faces of Japan
FLET/FR/GER 410W Berlin-Paris: Crucibles of European Ideas
FLET/SPAN 471 Hispanic Women Authors
FLET/GER 476 German-Jewish Literature and Culture

FR 320 Contemporary France through the Media
FR438 Studies in Twentieth-Century French Literature
FR469 A History of French Cinema

GEOG 451 Europe
GEOG 452 Africa
GEOG 453 Asia
GEOG 455 The Middle East
GEOG 456 Geography of Southeast Asia

IT 425 Information Systems for International Business

MGMT 361International Business Operations

MKTG 411 Multi-National Marketing.

PHIL 354 Comparative Philosophy East and West - Personhood

POLS 325W World Politics

PSYC 420 Cross-Cultural Psychology

SPAN 320 Spanish Culture and Civilization
SPAN 321 Latin American Culture and Civilization
SPAN 469 Hispanic Film

At least six hours of upper-level courses must be taken through courses offered by Old Dominion University.

Three hours can be in the major, as long as the course is listed as a requirement  for the interdisciplinary minor, and will count toward both the major and the interdisciplinary minor.

Study Abroad: Any study abroad course at the 300-400 level that offers three credits can fulfill one course requirement for this minor. In cases where a study abroad course fits the themes of another interdisciplinary minor, students may request approval from the minor coordinator to use that study abroad course.

Want to declare this Minor? Schedule an appointment with Dr. Guadano
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