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Minor in Chinese Studies

Chinese Studies Brochure (PDF)

Director: Zhongtang Ren, zren@odu.edu, 683-5242

The Chinese Studies minor consists of 12 credit hours of 300- and 400- level courses that combine the study of language and culture. For completion of a minor, a student must have a minimum overall cumulative grade point average of 2.00 in all courses required for the minor exclusive of lower-level courses and prerequisite courses and complete a minimum of six hours in upper-level courses in the minor requirement through courses offered by Old Dominion University.

Requirements: 12 credit hours
Prerequisite Courses: 12 credits*
CHIN 111F - Beginning Chinese 6
CHIN 212 - Intermediate Chinese 6

* Prerequisite courses do not count in the 2.00 grade point average required for the minor.

Required Courses: 6 credit hours
CHIN 311 - Advanced Chinese Language and Culture I 3
CHIN 312 - Advanced Chinese Language and Culture II 3

Elective Courses: 6 credit hours from any two different subject areas listed below:

 CHIN 395

 Topics in Chinese

 CHIN 395

 Topics in Chinese (Study abroad in China)

 CHIN 495

 Topics in Chinese

 ASIA 336

 The Emergence of New China

 ASIA 338W

 Politics of East Asia

 ASIA 353

 Asian Religions

 ASIA 395

 Topics in Asian Studies (Study abroad in China)

 ASIA 435

 Chinese Politics

 HIST 336

 The Emergence of New China

 HIST 439

 Politics and Society in East Asia Since 1945

 INBU 433

 Doing Business in Asia

 MGMT 462

 Comparative International Management

 MGMT 463

 Management Seminar Abroad

 PHIL 353

 Asian Religions

 PHIL 481


 PHIL 482

 Chinese Religion and Philosophy

 POLS 338W

 Politics of East Asia

 POLS 435

 Chinese Politics

 POLS 437

 International Relations in East Asia

Any study abroad course at the 300-400 level that offers three credits can fulfill one course requirement for this minor. In cases where a study abroad course fits the themes of another interdisciplinary minor, students may request approval from the minor coordinator to use that study abroad course.