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Institute for the Study of Race and Ethnicity (ISRE)

The Journal of Race and Policy

The Journal of Race and Policy is published annually during the spring/summer by the Institute for the Study of Race and Ethnicity at Old Dominion University. The JRP includes significant research by scholars from several disciplines using a variety of approaches and methodology. The inaugural issue's general theme is "Evolving Considerations of Race: African Americans in the Post-Brown Era." With African Americans as the central focus, contributors consider and weigh the meaning and implications of race in the 21 st century in Hampton Roads, Virginia and the United States.

The Issue features an introduction by Naomi Zack of the University of Oregon and a commissioned paper focusing on race and medical and public health research by Adolph Reed, Jr. of the University of Pennsylvania. Also included is a note by Edith White of the Urban League of Hampton Roads, Inc.


Michael Clemons - Editor

Jie Chen Associate - Editor

Ingrid Whitaker - Book Review Editor

Diana Konate - Editorial Assistant