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Institute for Jewish Studies and Interfaith Understanding

IJIU Events 2012-2013

Past IJIU events

18 April 2013

"The Sword, the Pen, and the Uterus: Contemporary Latin American Women Creating Inclusive Public Spheres"

Dalia Wassner 


14 April 2013

"On Writing"

Savyon Liebrecht 


13 April 2013

"The Middle East: Challenges of Reporting from the Front Line"

A lecture by Neil Lazarus


6 December 2012

"Image of the Jew in Arab Cinema"

7 December 2012

"Arab Spring, Causes and Processes"

Sariel Birnbaum


27 November 2012

"Religious Extremism and its Impact on National Security"

A lecture by Amos Guiora


4 October 2012

Literary Festival: "Poems of Family, the Life of the Soul"

Merle Feld


27 September 2012

The Vulgar Bulgars


24 September 2012

"Klezmer Revival in Germany"

A lecture by Frederick Lubich