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COLLOQUIUM: Gaming the Curriculum (Friday, September 20, 3-5PM, BAL 9024)

This colloquium explores the intersections between serious gaming, gamification and University curriculum development. The event will address the roles that ARGs, computer games and other forms of play might serve - for better or worse -  in developing undergraduate and graduate curriculum and how the turn to play is influencing curriculum design, student engagement and evaluation, etc.

Speakers: Dr. Amy Adcock (College of Education)
   Dr. Richard Landers (Department of Psychology)
   Dr. Kevin Moberly (Department of English)
   Bill Weldon (Creative Director, the Revolutionary City Colonial Williamsburg)
   Mark Fluehr (Digital History Center, Colonial Williamsburg)

COLLOQUIUM: The Public’s Role in Public Art (Friday, November 1, 3-5PM, The Baron and Ellin Gordon Art Galleries)

This colloquium addressed the roles afforded to local citizens in defining public art in Hampton Roads. In particular, the event will discuss legal, political, and social distinctions between graffiti and murals as public art forms.

Speakers: Dr. Tom Chapman (Department of Geography)
   Dr. Robert Wojtowicz (Department of Art/Associate Dean of Graduate Studies)
   Elliott Addesso (Norfolk Mural Artist/ODU Alumni)

COLLOQUIUM: Cultural Spaces for Interfaith Understanding (Friday, November 22, 3-5PM, BAL 9024)

This colloquium builds on the film screening held the night before (see separate flier) and will feature Ms. Youssef as well as representatives from the Hampton Roads Jewish and Muslim communities addressing how film and other cultural forms might serve as the basis for promoting dialog across religious and political divides.

Speakers: Susan Youssef (Filmmaker, Habibi)

“Inside Google: Movement Materials and What We Can Do” (Thursday January 16, 5-7PM, BAL 9024)

This event included a screening of “Workers Leaving the Googleplex” and a discussion featuring the filmmaker, Andrew Norman Wilson and a panel of ODU scholars including Tim Anderson- Communications Department, Kenneth Fitzgerald- Art Department, David Roh- English Department, and D.E. Wittkower- Philosophy Department.

"The Victorians Built Magnificent Drains: Waste, Leakage, and the Cloud." (Tuesday March 4, 12:30-1:30, BAL 9024)
This event focused on how contemporary technologies draw inspiration from earlier historical moments.  The lecture is on the pre-history of Cloud technology. Dr. Tung Hui-Hu was the guest speaker.

Annual Junior Faculty Forum (Friday, March 28 from 3-5PM in BAL 9024) 

The Junior Faculty Forum is an annual event hosted by the Institute for the Humanities that shines a light on the emerging and ongoing research efforts of some of the College's newest members. This year's forum will featured presentations by four junior faculty:

Dr. Brett Bebber (History): “Imagining Race Relations After Empire: Civil Liberties Workers in Britain”

Dr. Vittorio Colaizzi (Art History): “The Remnants of Space: Countering the Absolute in Abstract Painting”

Dr. Scott Girdner (Philosophy & Religious Studies): “Reason and Revelation: al-Ghazali’s Philosophical Reading of the Qur’an and its Influence in Jewish and Christian Traditions”

Dr. Daniel Richards (English): “Disastrous Rhetorics: How Post-Accident Investigative Reports Can Help Better the Public Understanding of Risk and Disaster”

Screening of “Hatufim” (Thursday, April 3 from 6-8 PM at the University Theatre)

The Institute for the Humanities will screen the premiere episode of the acclaimed Israeli television series, Hatufim, which has been adapted in the U.S, as the Emmy-Award winning drama, Homeland. The episode will be introduced by Dr. Sharon Shahaf (Georgia State University), an expert on Israeli television. Dr. Shahaf will also answer questions from the audience about the series' production, reception, and adaptation worldwide. The event is free and is part of Jewish Education Week.  It is co-sponsored with the Department of Communication, the Institute for Jewish Studies & Interfaith Understanding, and the Office of Intercultural Relations.

COLLOQUIUM: “American Dreams, Israeli Formats: Israeli Television history and the Global Format Revolution." (Friday, April 4 from 3-5 PM in BAL 9024)

Dr. Sharon Shahaf (Georgia State University) will explore the recent global popularity of Israeli television formats, which have been adapted in numerous countries, including the U.S., with series like Homeland (Showtime) and In Treatment (HBO). The event is free and is part of Jewish Education Week.  It is co-sponsored with the Department of Communication, the Institute for Jewish Studies & Interfaith Understanding, and the Office of Intercultural Relations.

“The Authority of the Digital” (Thursday, April 10 from 5:30-7:00PM in BAL 9024)

Invited guest, Dr. David Golumbia explores how libertarian and neo-liberal ideologies have characterized scholarly and societal attitudes toward the digital freedom.

COLLOQUIUM: “Queer Intersections: Presentations on African Americans and LGBT Communities in Hampton Roads” (Thursday, April 17th from 5-7PM in BAL 9024)

This colloquium focused on the African American LGBTQ experience in Hampton Roads. Several speakers from that community addressed both the challenges and unique opportunities gays, lesbians and transgendered peoples of color have encountered in Hampton Roads.
Panelist included:

Michelle Breedlove (organizer, Hampton Pride)
Christie Lake (REEL it Out Queer Film Festival)
Judah Lamar (ODU PhD student)
Chadra Pittman Walke (REEL it Out Queer Film Festival)
Toni-Michelle Williams (Acces AIDS Care)

2014-2015 - upcoming events, information coming soon