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College of Arts and Letters

Institute of Humanities

Core Classes

HUM 601. Introduction to the Humanities. 3 Credits.
Lecture, 3 hours. 3 credits. This class introduces students to the study of the humanities with a focus on the enduring questions and ideas of human history. These include questions of culture, reality, society, power, truth, communication, and mediation. Students address these questions and ideas by engaging with some of the great works of social theory from the twentieth century.

HUM 602. Theory and Methods in Humanities. 3 Credits.
Lecture 3 hours; 3 credits. This class instructs students in various theoretical and methodological approaches for conducting research within the humanistic disciplines. Students will become familiar with literary theory, critical/cultural studies, historical methods, qualitative social scientific approaches, and visual studies, as well as the conduct of research across disciplinary boundaries.

HUM 603. Preparing Humanities Teachers & Scholars Pro-seminar. 3 Credits.
The purposes of the pro-seminar are A)to help prepare Humanities graduate students to teach discipline-specific college-level introductory courses from an interdisciplinary perspective, and B)to provide Humanities students with opportunities to engage scholars who are producing new work across a range of disciplines, in turn learning to present their own research in public.

HUM 604. Debates in the Digital Humanities. 3 Credits.
This class will emphasize the ways in which the digital humanities intersects with critical theory and cultural studies approaches to studying digital media. Students will gain an understanding of the emerging role of the digital humanities across several academic disciplines. The course employs an experimental immersive learning component. Prerequisites: HUM 601 and departmental approval.

HUM 692. Humanities Thesis and Non-Thesis Preparation. 3 Credits.
This class is designed to prepare students for completion of their final projects in the program. The class is designed to teach students how to conduct research. Students workshop their projects as they are being developed. It also teaches students to navigate the various institutional requirements for completing this work. Prerequisites: HUM 601, HUM 602, HUM 603, and departmental approval.

HUM 693. Non-Thesis Project. 3 Credits.
Students have the option of creating a theoretically-informed final project instead of a traditional thesis. Individual projects must be approved by the program director, but can include creative works, art installations, film and video, interactive and born-digital works, as well as other forms of community engagement. Projects are developed with help of supervisor. Prerequisites: HUM 601, HUM 602, HUM 603, HUM 604, HUM 692 and departmental approval.

HUM 698. Thesis. 3 Credits.
3 credits. Prerequisites: HUM 601 and 602.

HUM 699. Thesis. 3,6 Credits.
3 or 6 credits. Course requirement for thesis option.