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Certificate in Interfaith Understanding (coming soon)

Certificate in Medical Humanities (coming soon)

Women’s Studies Certificate

A Women’s Studies Certificate is available to graduate students through the Institute of Humanities (in association with the women’s studies program) upon completion of the following 15-hour program of course work:

WMST 560 Feminist Theory

WMST 570 Feminist Research Methods

At least 9 additional credits in 500/600 level courses *

*Courses approved for the women’s studies curriculum and drawn from various disciplines (such as English, history, political science and geography, foreign languages, art history, women’s studies, etc.). No more than six of these credits may be taken in any one field. At least one of the courses chosen must be on the 600 level

Only students who hold a B.A. or B.S. degree with an overall GPA of 2.80 may apply for the graduate women’s studies certificate. Students must maintain a 3.00 grade point average in the 15 graduate credits needed for the certificate. The women’s studies certificate may be undertaken independently or in combination with a graduate degree in humanities (or in combination with another graduate degree). Students wishing to pursue the certificate through the Institute for the Humanities Humanities must gain admission to the humanities graduate program before the completion of nine graduate hours and must satisfy all of the admission requirements for the program including the GRE.

The director of the women’s studies program or a designee will serve as advisor for students who gain admission to the humanities program only for the purpose of pursuing the graduate women’s studies certificate. Students pursuing the certificate in combination with a graduate degree in the humanities will have their progress monitored by both a women’s studies advisor and the director of the Institute of Humanities.