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Department of History

Bachelor of Arts in History

We offer a Bachelor of Arts Degree in History as well as a state-approved Bachelor of Arts in History and Social Science that prepares students to teach in secondary schools. Both of these offer a broad introduction to the history of the world's peoples and civilizations. Students who major in history are required to choose courses in three of the four following areas: 1) United States, 2) Europe, 3) Area Studies, 4) Comparative History. After introductory survey courses, students enroll in a Historical Methods course that provides an introduction to the basic methodologies and perspectives in history. In their senior year they enroll in a capstone course that includes intensive writing and combines the investigation of a particular area or theme from the perspective of different theoretical frameworks.

Bachelor of Arts Degree in History

This program prepares students broadly for careers in business, government, and teaching, or for post-graduate study in history, law, library science, business, or education. The major requires 36 hours of course work, including 9 hours of survey courses (chosen from HIST 100H World History from 1500, 101H: Asia, 102H: Europe, 103H: Latin America, 104H: United States, 105H: Africa), and two other required courses: HIST 201: Historical Methods and 402W: Research Seminar in History and Theory. Students choose at least 3 hours from three of four areas: (1) U.S. (2) Europe, (3) Area Studies ( Africa, Asia, Latin America, Middle East, or Russia), (4) Comparative History and in addition to HIST 402W, must take at least 3 hours of history electives at the 400 level. Approved topics courses can satisfy these requirements, but students may not enroll in HIST 395 for credit toward their major or minor.


 Thirty-six hours in history, including:

  1. 9 hours from HIST 100H, 101H, 102H, 103H, 104H and 105H
  2. HIST 201, 402W
  3. Three hours at the 400 level
  4. At least one 300 or 400 level course in three of the four areas:
    1. United States
    2. Europe
    3. Area Studies (Africa, Asia, Latin America, Middle East and Russia)
    4. Comparative History

Bachelor of Arts in History and Social Studies

The College of Arts and Letters and the College of Education cooperate in providing a Bachelor of Arts degree that prepares students to teach at the secondary level in the Commonwealth of Virginia. To gain admission to the teacher education program students must pass the Praxis I examination or achieve a specific score on the SAT. To gain licensure students must pass the Praxis II examination. Most states honor the Virginia license.

Students must have an overall grade point average of 2.75 and maintain it to graduate. Entering students must declare their intention to make their degree in the History Department, whereupon they will be assigned an advisor. The student should also have a secondary advisor in the College of Education. It is the responsibility of the student to see an advisor regularly. Students in this program major in history but need fewer hours (30) than other history majors. However, they must successfully complete the same distribution requirements and complete an additional 18 credit hours in political science and geography. Thirty-three hours of course work in professional education satisfy the university requirement for a minor. Students are also required to complete either ECON 201S and 202S or ECON 200S and SOC 201S or ANTH 110S to satisfy the Social Science General Education requirement.

Students majoring in History with a license in History/Social Sciences must meet all the requirements of the College of Arts and Letters, including two years of foreign language on a collegiate level or its equivalent, and two semesters of English composition. They must also complete the following: 33 hours of professional education courses (including 12 hours of student teaching), TLED 301, 430 (satisfies computer skills requirement), 360, 408, 455, 483, 485, and SPED 406 and 313. Students should be aware that completing this BA degree will likely require at least 126 semester hours.

History/Social Studies Requirements

  1. Thirty hours are required in history , including:
    1. HIST 102 and 104 and one of the following: HIST 100H, 101H, 103H, or 105H
    2. HIST 201, 402W
    3. Three hours at the 400 level
    4. At least one 300 or 400 level course in each of the three areas:
      1. United States
      2. Europe
      3. Area Studies (Africa, Asia, Latin America, Middle East or Russia)
      4. Comparative History
  2. General Education: (Program Specific Requirements)
    1. SOC 201 S or ANTR 11OS
    2. Econ 200S or Econ 201S and 202S
    3. TLED 430
  3. Additional Requirements
    • POLS 101S
    • POLS 331 or 334
    • POLS 309, 310, 312, 314, 316, 320, 322, 323, 328, 337, 338, 350T, 400, 407, 409, 410, 415, or 425
    • GEOG 100S, and GEOG 300
    • GEOG 305 or 320
  4. Professional Education (33 hours):
    1. TLED 301, 430 (satisfies computer skills requirement), 360, 408, 483, 455, and 485
    2. SPED 406 and 313

The History Department's Practicum program is a component of Old Dominion University's Career Advantage Program which guarantees any student practical work experience related to their major. History majors with junior or senior standing can participate in an internship which is tailored to an individual's interest and skills. Our students have been historical interpreters at Colonial Williamsburg and the National Park Service's Colonial National Historical Park. They have helped to create exhibits at the MacArthur Memorial Museum, Mariner's Museum, and the War Memorial Museum of Virginia. They have researched the architectural and historic significance of local landscapes for Virginia's Department of Historic Resources. Participants must be highly motivated! Students are expected to work 8­ to 15 hours a week for a semester and will earn 3 credits towards their major.