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Spring 2010

April 28:  Heidi Schlipphacke, “Reading the Surface:  Polygamy and the German Enlightenment” 

Fall 2010

October 27:  Erin Jordan, “Swords, Seals and Coins” 

Spring 2011

January 20:  Michael Carhart, “Building the Network:  Berliners”

February 10:  Erin Jordan, “Roving Nuns and Cistercian Realities:  The Cloistering of Religious Women in the Thirteenth Century”

March 3:  Austin Jersild, “China as a Russian Borderland”

March 24:  Maura Hametz, “Jews and the Experience of Persecution in the Nazi Adriatic Littoral”

April 14:  Jane Merritt, “Native Peoples in the Revolutionary War”

Fall 2011

October 6:  “Medieval Fasting and its Implications for the Environmental Landscape of Western Europe”

November 17:  Maura Hametz, “Policing the Bound of Italian Statehood:  The Citizenship Commission in Trieste” 

Spring 2012

January 20:  Heidi Schlipphacke, “Inglourious Basterds and the Gender of Revenge”

February 10:  Michael Carhart, “Leibniz as Organizer”

March 2:  Austin Jersild, “Sino-Soviet Relations and the American Challenge”

March 30:  Martha Daas, “Historical Fiction or Fictional History:  Ideology in the Libro De Alexandre”

April 13:  Michael Carhart, “Jesuit Mission in China” 

Fall 2012

September 28:  Jane Merritt, “Tea, Consumer Demand, and Revolutionary Regulation”

October 19:  Michael Carhart, “European Knowledge of Grant Tartary”

November 9:  Austin Jersild, “The Soviet Union Enters Global Politics:  Soviet Pavilions at International Exhibits, 1954-59”

December 7:  Erin Jordan

December 14:  Martha Daas