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Department of History


The Chief Departmental Advisor in the Department of History is Professor Robert Del Corso. If you have questions about advising contact him at rdelcors@odu.edu or call Sharon Metro at 683-3949 for an appointment.

Advising takes place for a roughly two-week period toward the conclusion of each semester.  You will receive a note from the Department of History encouraging you to make arrangements to meet your advisor, in order to discuss your program and plans for the upcoming semester.  Please familiarize yourself with your transcript and the DegreeWorks system before you meet with your advisor. This valuable tool allows you to view your academic history, consider remaining program requirements, estimate the remaining time until the completion of your degree, and other things. The system is described at the following location:  http://ww2.odu.edu/ao/registrar/graduation/capp/students.shtml. DegreeWorks itself is part of LEO. If you are aware of university and departmental requirements before your advising session, you can more effectively address other topics that concern you and pertain to your interests and aspirations.