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College of Arts and Letters

Department of English

The English Department has two computer labs. The English Instructional Computer Lab is located in BAL 2019 and the MediaPark is in BAL 2027 and a digital server space (Digital ODU).

English Department Instructional Computer Lab (Batten Arts and Letters 2019)

This lab has 24 Macintosh stations with software meant to accommodate the incorporation of technology into writing instruction. It is equipped with software to do a variety of new media composition types including image, sound, and video.

The English Department Instructional Computer Lab (BAL 2019) may be reserved by any English instructor for class meeting times. To sign up for times for your English courses to meet in BAL 2019, please email Dr. Julia Romberger.

If the English department computer lab is booked, faculty may schedule English classes in the OCCS-run computer labs on the first floor of BAL (rooms 1013 A, B, and C).  To reserve those labs, email the Lab Reservation Coordinator at occshelp@odu.edu or telephone 757.683.5156. You can find the available software listings and other information at the Office of Computing lab website.

BAL 2019 Schedule

Spring 2013  Summer 2013  Fall 2013

MediaPark (Batten Arts and Letters 2027)

This lab is a collaborative research and design space for students and faculty. If you want to make a reservation, please follow the link.

Digital ODU (College of Arts & Letters Server Space)

Digital ODU server space is available to students, faculty, staff, and organizations within the College of Arts and Letters. English Department faculty, staff, and students can request accounts from the linked page.