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College of Arts and Letters

Department of English

Dr. Janet Bing, University Professor, Linguistics

  Ph.D. University of Massachusetts, Amherst
M.A. Stanford University
B.A. Coe College

5030 Batten Arts & Letters
JBing <AT> odu.edu
Curriculum Vitae:  http://web.odu.edu/~jbing/cv.shtml


  • Methods and Materials
  • Phonology
  • Language and Communication Across Cultures
  • Advanced Linguistic Research
  • Language, Gender, and Power
  • Aspects of the English Language
  • English Linguistics
  • Research Areas

  • Phonology (syllable, tone, stress, intonation), coronals
  • Phonetics (intonation)
  • Language and gender
  • Frame analysis
  • Humor
  • Selected Publications


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