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College of Arts and Letters

Department of English

Dr. Alla Zareva

Ph.D. University of Georgia
5046 Batten Arts & Letters

Curriculum Vitae




� First and Second Language Acquisition
� TESOL Methods and Materials
� English Grammar
� Aspects of English
� General Linguistics
� Research Methods in Applied Linguistics

Research Areas

� Structure of the L1 and L2 mental lexicon
� Features of student academic presentations
� Genre analysis of prepared discourse

Selected Publications

Zareva, A. & Wolter, B. (2012). The “promise” of three methods of word association analysis to L2 lexical research. Second Language Research, 28(1), 41– 67.

Zareva, A. (2011). ‘And so that was it’: Linking adverbials in student academic presentations. RELC Journal, 42(1), 5–15.

Zareva, A. (2010). Multicompetence and L2 users’ associative links: Being unlike nativelike. International Journal of Applied Linguistics, 20 (1), 2–22.

Zareva, A. (2009). Student academic presentations: The processing side of interactiveness. English Text Construction, 2 (2), 265-288.

Zareva, A. (2007). Structure of the L2 mental lexicon: How does it compare to native speakers' lexical organization? Second Language Research, 23, 123-153.

Zareva, A., Schwanenflugel, P., Nikolova, Y. (2005). Relationship between lexical competence and language proficiency: Variable sensitivity. Studies in Second Language Acquisition, 27 (4), 567-595.

Zareva, A. (2003). Transfer effects on the process of L2 reading comprehension. Literacy Across Cultures, 6, 25-34.

Zareva, A. (2002). Lexical access in L1 and L2. Foreign Language Teaching Journal, 3, 13-24.

Zareva, A., & Nikolova, Y. (1996). Rationale for an integrated course in English for Economics and Business. TEMPUS JEP 07307-94 (4), 19-22.