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The 2009 - 2010 Yearbook

Fall 2009

Dean's Address to the College

[August 26, 2009]

Chandra de Silva's State of the College Address


Constitution Day

[September 17, 2009] 

On September 17, 2009, ODU celebrated Constitution Day with a panel lecture that gathered experts from both the ODU and Hampton Roads communities to discuss topics on American politics. This year, the panel included Dr. G. William Whitehurst, former U.S. Congressman and Kaufman Lecturer in Public Affairs, who moderated the event, as well as Martha Rollins, the Deputy City Attorney for the City of Norfolk, and professors from various departments in the College of Arts and Letters.

The title of this year's panel was "A Supremely Political Court: The Making of a Justice." Panel members addressed the issue of U.S. Supreme Court nominations. In a series of brief lectures, they discussed topics ranging from the recent confirmation of Supreme Court Justice Sonya Sotomayor, to the effect of blogs and new media on the judicial appointment process.

Dr. Shimon Shetreet, Visiting Professor of Jewish Studies and Dragas Professor of International Studies, gave the closing remarks. Dr. Shetreet, who served in the Israeli legislature from 1988 to 1996, discussed the political theory behind judicial appointments and their importance on an international level.


ODU Diehn Concert: the Sphinx Orchestra with the Harlem Quartet

[October 5, 2009]  


Africa Day

[October 15, 2009] 

On October 15, the University celebrated its third annual Africa Day @ ODU. The event, organized by the College of Arts and Letters, seeks to promote diversity by highlighting the cultural heritages and contributions of African students to the University community. This year's offerings included poetry readings, a study abroad fair, and a presentation by Dr. Jean-Jacques Ngor Sene, assistant professor of history and conflict studies at Chatham University.

The day ended with a cultural reception in the University's Webb Center. Guests were treated to a dinner of traditional African foods as well as a cultural showcase, which included musical performances, a poetry reading, reenactments of African rituals, and more, culminating in a fashion show, where students exhibited traditional garb from the various cultures within Africa. The show served to highlight the importance of African culture to the university community, and to underscore the wide range of cultural identities that comprise Africa's unique heritage.


Senior Scholar Lecture: Frederick Lubich

[October 14, 2009] 


ODU Theatre: I Hate Hamlet

[October 22, 2009] 

You are a famous star.  Good.
But you're a TV star, so no one takes you seriously.  Bad.
You get an offer to prove yourself in a play New York City.  Good.
But the play is Hamlet, the most criticized role in theatre.  Bad.
You get the best actor to ever perform the role to help you. Good.
But the actor is dead AND he's a ghost.  Bad.
You realize, I HATE HAMLET!!  Great-comedy, that is!

That is the premise of I Hate Hamlet, which played at ODU's University Theatre on October 15-17. The farce, written by playwright Paul Rudnick, tells the story of Andrew Rally, a famous television actor who is offered the role of Hamlet in a production in New York City's Central Park. To tackle the daunting role, he enlists the help of John Barrymore-or rather, his ghost. Hilarity ensues as Andrew struggles to learn from one of the greatest Shakespearian actors of all time, who is struggling with a few ghosts of his own.

The ODU Theatre's production, directed by Elwood Robinson, featured a strong cast of talented young actors who deftly captured the levity and madcap wit of this one-of-a-kind play. It made for a hilarious-and very unique-night of theatre.


The Institute for Jewish Studies and Interfaith Understanding Kanter Lecture: Professor Walter Homolka

[October 28, 2009] 


ODU Theatre: Dracula

[November 7, 2009] 

ODU Theatre ushered in Halloween with a harrowing performance of Dracula. The play, adapted by William McNulty from Bram Stoker's classic horror story, was staged at the University Theatre on October 29-31.

This production, directed by Katherine Hammond, was remarkable for its meticulous attention to detail. The set, designed by Konrad Winters and decorated by Lee Smith captured the elegance of Victorian England, and the special effects, designed by Smith, startled and delighted the audience, furthering the impact of this chilling story of madness and evil. The performance also sported an outstanding cast of actors, whose talents were on full display in the dialect-laden production.

It was a night of great thrills, wonderful costumes, dazzling special effects, and spot-on performances, and the perfect addition to the spookiest time of the year.


ODU Fall Dance Concert

[November 17, 2009] 

This year's University Dance Theatre Fall Concert was a spectacular affair. On November 18-21, at the University Theatre, student performers dazzled audiences with a selection of dance pieces that showcased their considerable talents of ODU's dance program.

The performance, directed by Marilyn Marloff and Amanda Kinzer, included pieces choreographed by students and faculty, as well as guest artists. Beginning with the opening number, a decidedly modern tribute to Merce Cunningham, the show traced a wide arc through the spectrum of dance styles, from ballet to pop to ballroom dance to the hip-hop-fueled enthusiasm of the closing number, !*FReaK-a-THoN*!

Next semester's University Dance Theatre Spring Concert will take place on April 15-17 at the University Theatre.



[December, 2009] 


College of Arts and Letters Holiday Party

[December 4, 2009] 


Spring 2010

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 Brave New World

[January 20, 2010]

Caribbean Day

[February 25, 2010]

The Institute of Jewish Studies and Interfaith Understanding Sonenshine Lecture: Dr Beth Wenger

[March 04, 2010]

Fruit Machine

[March 05, 2010]

ODU Piano Competition Master Class & Diehn Concert with Lambert Orkis & David Hardy

[March 21 &22, 2010]

OnFilmTailgate Gala- Rudy

[March 26, 2010]

 Jazz Choir & Jazz Ensemble w/ Guest Artist ADA ROVATTI

[April 11, 2010]

Spring Dance

[April 13, 2010]

 A Dream Play

[April 17, 2010]

 ODU Symphony Orchestra

[April 23, 2010]

 ODU Gallery- 3rd Annual Juried Student Exhibition

[May 01, 2010]

 A&L Faculty Recognition & Dean's Party

[May 03, 2010]