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Europe in the Classroom  


Europe in the Classroom

European Union Curriculum Development

Workshop for High School Teachers

Saturday, Feb. 18, 2012

Norfolk Sheraton - Waterside

Claremont Room

9:00 AM - 4:30 PM


Why should we care about Europe? Why does the European financial crisis matter to us?

Is there a European Culture? Is the European Union relevant to the US?  

Are we competitors or allies? Can we learn from each other?


If you are intrigued by these questions, this workshop is for you!


The workshop prepares high school teachers in Social Studies, World History,

European History, European Politics, Geography, Economics, and Government to infuse

current information on Europe, the European Union and Transatlantic Relations into the classroom.


Teachers receive multi-media instructional resource kits appropriate for their disciplines

and continuing education credits through Old Dominion University’s Center for Economic Education.



Registration Deadline Feb.10, 2012.



This workshop is part of the European Union sponsored ACCESSEU Project at Old Dominion University.


Our Lesson Plans from our Sept. 2011 Workshop:

  • Lesson 1: EU-U.S. Relations (ppt)
    Lesson 1: EU-U.S. Relations (pdf)


  • Lesson 2: Geography of Europe (ppt)
    Lesson 2: Geography of Europe (pdf)


  • Lesson 3: Cultural Identity (ppt)
    Lesson 3: Cultral Identity (pdf)


  • Lesson 4: Development of the EU (ppt)
    Lesson 4: Development of the EU (pdf)


  • Lesson 5: Structure of EU Government (ppt)
    Lesson 5: Structure of EU Government (pdf)


  • Lesson 6: EU Economic and Monetary Union (ppt)
    Lesson 6: EU Economic and Monetary Union (pdf)


  • Lesson 7: EU Single Market and Free Trade (ppt)
    Lesson 7: EU Single Market and Free Trade (pdf)


  • Lesson 8: Immigration to the EU (ppt)
    Lesson 8: Immigration to the EU (pdf)


  • Lesson 9: Environment, Energy and Climate Change (ppt)
    Lesson 9:  Environment, Energy and Climate Change (pdf)


  • Lesson 10: EU on the World State (ppt)
    Lesson 10: EU on the World State (pdf) 


Sept. 2011 AccessEU-Workshops

Lesson Plans
Resources for Economics
Resources for US Government
Resources for US History
Resources for World and European History


Kelly Walker EU Presentation and EU Simulation Plan

Kelly Walker EU Presentation (.doc) 
Simulation of the EU United Nations (.ppt)


Interesting EU Links

University of Leiden in the Netherlands
Developments in the history of the EU
Govt. sources -Excellent educational materials on the EU
A great source for lessons on culture, language, and politics