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ACCESS EU represents a comprehensive strategy to create a community of well-informed opinion leaders, investors and citizens in the Hampton Roads region.

It builds upon the natural trans-Atlantic relationship long established in this major port area, enhancing awareness and interest through a systematically integrated, eighteen month program of educational, community and network building programs, forging strategic alliances between regional and European stakeholders.

The program is based at Old Dominion University, in Norfolk, Virginia.



Transatlantic Security: The Contributions of Allies, Partners, and Friends was held on April 19, 2013 at Old Dominion University in Norfolk, Virginia.

The conference focused on the evolution of NATO since the end of the Cold War and revealed the relevance of strong partnerships in consolidating NATO legitimacy, the importance of NATO flexibility and adaptability, and the threat of declining sources of institutional funding

Download the conderence report here.






Mark your calendars. European-American Conference - Transatlantic Solutions to Sea Level Rise Adaptation will take place in October 30-31st, 2013 at Old Dominion University. 

More details coming soon.

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Landing Pad, European Business Visiting Entrepreneurs Program; August 2013 - May 2014


Purpose: This initiative brings together visiting European entrepreneurs and local and regional business leaders under the guidance of the Hampton Roads Regional Development Alliance (HREDA). The emphasis will be on a structured program of learning and exchange for a period of up to three weeks at a time. Business School faculty will guide discussions on business practices in the Hampton Roads region while visiting entrepreneurs share their insights into European business.


Result: Dedicated networking among regional and European entrepreneurs who would otherwise find it very difficult to meet and exchange ideas in a structured setting with dedicated space.



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The EU has received the Nobel Peace Prize 2012. For further information, click HERE.